Friday, November 11, 2016

Pop Quiz

I have two questions for you.

Number One: Would you be interested in a little pre-holiday-crazies swap?

Number Two:  What gives you peace of mind/calms you/helps you de-stress?

Yes, I'll somehow combine those two if enough of you want to participate.


  1. Sure, I'm in for a swap. And my best friend, Agnes, gives me piece of mind. She talks me down from the ledge, lifts me up when I'm feeling blue, is a voice of reason when I need one, I hope,there is never a time when she's not around to be my touchstone,

  2. I'd love a swap! What calms me down is/are: alone time, snuggles from my dogs, chocolate pudding, or a really hot bubble bath. Or online window shopping. :)

  3. love swaps, cup of tea, small knitting projects for instant gratification, and naps help calm me down



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