Wrapping Things Up

Today, three knitting catalogs came in the mail.  In all of them, there was at least one thing that I thought would be an excellent holiday gift for someone;  isn't that always the way?  Despite that, though, this year will be handmade-present-free.  There are gifts about, though.  Thursday is Briton's birthday, and we have a wedding to go to on Saturday.


  1. As you know, I'm knitting some gifts this year. But I started months ago, and now I just have two really small things left to do, and one medium but quick knit. I'm really pleased with myself.

    However, next year is all about ME! ;-)

    I hope Briton's BD is a good one. xo

  2. I seem to have been giving my knits away all year. I may do no knit gifts this year too. It is fine. Some years yes, some no


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