Well, I can eat again.  My fever let go for real Saturday afternoon, and I got to come out from under about six layers of clothes, quilts and socks.  Still sleeping a lot, though.

How is your knitting, in general, and Palooza, specifically, coming along?  Here is my square for the current prompt:

My only collar wearers are Rupert and Lily.  His is red and gold, hers is light blue.  The eyelet rows are much prettier off-camera.  Wonder what the next prompt will be?

Still crushed about Alan Rickman.  A lot of people think it ridiculous, mourning someone you never met.  But I am sad, and I will not deny it.


  1. That's gorgeous. Nothing ridiculous about it- we connect with people, places, and things deeply without necessarily meeting. It's a testament to the power of our own heart, and of their presence in the world.

  2. Grief belongs to whoever takes it


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