So, I've Been Thinking

About Blankapalooza.  For those of you new to the class, Blankapalooza is 2016's year-long project for making squares, that will be sewn into blankets, that will be donated to deserving charities.  These are the "rules" so far:

1.  Squares are to be 6" x 6".
2.  Squares may be knit or crocheted, and the stitch design is up to you, though colors will be "assigned."  If your preferred craft medium is fabric, you are more than welcome to send some squares.  Cross-stitch, embroidery --- I'd say anything but painted fabric may be used, and will be appreciated.
3.  Each month, I will provide three (3) color prompts so you will know what yarn/thread to use.  The prompts will come on the 3rd, the 15th, and the 27th of each month.
4.  Finished squares can be sent to me at any time during the year.  If you want to send them monthly, or quarterly, or wait and send them all at once, they will be received gladly.
5.  No one is under any obligation whatsoever to provide a square for every prompt.  Create what you can when you can.  From sending 1 to making all 36 --- the goals here are kindness and fun.
6.  Knowing me, there will probably be contests of some sort along the way.
7.  I don't have any contests in mind now, but. . .

I'll be thinking.


  1. I'm in! (Working on knitting down my stash. This will be perfect.)

  2. I will have to wait to see , but I imagine I'll be In at some point for a square or two. I have the worst luck with squares....

  3. I'm gonna try to participate, maybe as part of my Harry's Hundred idea ...


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