This Was Bound to Happen

The Arrowhead Cowl is no more.  I lost control of the pattern, and I am hopeless at correcting in-the-round mistakes.  So, the yarn went back to the ball.  If I have to rip a project apart, I very, very seldom ever cast on for the same thing right away.  I don't know why, really.  

Also, if I have difficulty with a pattern, I'm unlikely to return to it.  I will probably never make an Arrowhead Cowl because this one went badly.  Again, I don't know why that is.  But it's as if I am physically unable to read the pattern, or move my hands and fingers.

Rupert, ever stalwart, commiserates.


  1. Oh same here! If me and a pattern cross hairs, thats IT for the pattern and anything similar to it.
    Lifes too short to not love what i'm knitting.

  2. oh dear. did you use many many stitch markers?

  3. I hate frogging things and rarely will but once I do, I'm often done too. Only way I'll continue is if I immediately start again the second I frog- and then I must work past where I had been before or I'll abandon it. There's so much torture in it.

  4. No need to fight it. Move on and enjoy your [knitting] life!


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