Stretch Run

It's interesting to watch how voting goes in these contests.  Early rounds end in ties, or one- or two-vote wins.  From the Quarters on in, the vote differences are larger.  Quite often, they are landslides.   I don't know that that means anything in particular, but it is interesting.

Also happening as the contests go on is I look less and less to find very similar pictures of the people running against one another.  If I find some, great, I'll use them.  But, I figure most of you know what these folks look like by then, so it probably won't cause much of a disparity.

All that said, come tomorrow,
Tina Fey
Meryl Streep
will face off to become your new Knitters' Chick.  The four people who nominated the two of them are also facing off in a way --- who will win the Grand Prize?

Narrow the Hunk field now, would you, please?


  1. Oh the Fedora of Fate! I really thought Becks was going to be my golden ticket this year and now look!

    1. How are you going to choose between Fey and Streep?

    2. It's Sophie's Choice!! See what I did there?

      I really have no idea...


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