Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rules for Rookies

As the opening bell gets shined up here at KH/KC HQ, I thought it time to review the contest rules for anyone who might be new.  

Both Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick are single-elimination contests to determine which male and which female readers would like to 1) knit for, or, 2) knit with, or, 3) knit next to.  My default setting for deciding on my own nominees is to look at a chair in my den (where I do almost all of my knitting.)  Then I imagine the potential nominee sitting there.  If I feel good, relaxed. happy --- that's a nominee.  If I feel intimidated or blush-y, or can't-catch-my-breath-y, thaaaat's not going to work.

(The above disclosure explains why Kim Spence Dean, owner and proprietor of Knitters' Hunk, Knitters' Chick and this blog, has never nominated Robert Redford.)
(She's just sayin' . . .)

Anyone can nominate candidates for either contest, but only three (3) for each.  The only criteria are that the nominees be alive (otherwise, Paul Newman. . .
I'm just sayin'. . .), fairly well-known (so voters don't have to do a lot of Google searches), and have photos available from the Web.  

There will be four seeded nominees for both Hunk and Chick.  They all enter the contest automatically, and, so, do not have to be nominated by anyone.  (The seeds are past winners and runners-up.)  Nominees' names are placed in the contest bracket entirely at random, their names
having been drawn from The Fedora of Fate.
(Not the actual Fedora of Fate, but its twin in all respects.   I'm comfortable on the couch, and don't want to get up and take a picture of the hat.)  The contests proceed until only a single winner remains in each.

There are prizes.  The person(s) who nominated the winner(s) will receive gobs of good stuff.  So, too, will the nominee(s) of the runners-up.  And you do not have to be a knitter to nominate, or vote.  There are lots of non-knitter prizes, too.

So.  There you are.  I will begin accepting nominations this Friday (August 7th).  Nominations will close at midnight (ET), Sunday (August 9th).  Nominations should be listed in the Comments section of this blog.  NO ONE has to nominate these eight (8) people:

Maggie Smith
Rashida Jones
Isabella Rossellini
Julianne Moore

Mike Rowe
Ewan McGregor
Liam Neeson
Sam Neill

Spread the word!  Invite your friends!  Prepare for fun, and painful decision-making!


  1. Wow - I don't know what to do - I used to use all three of my nominations for MIKE.

  2. I have my guys picked out but now have to do the ladies.

    Kim, do you have Netflix streaming? There's an Aussie series called "Rake" which is kind of like the "House" of lawyers. Last night Sam Neill was a guest star.

  3. Oh, boy, I am actually gonna nominate some people this year!

  4. Super excited!! Still tweaking my nominations... I think the Fedora of Fate will have lots of roller coasters in store for us- as always! Can't wait!


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