Our hostess for Thanksgiving asked me how many pair of cowboy boots I have.  I told her I don't know, because I truly don't.  She suggested that, each day, I post a photo of a pair.  That way, she said, she could see them all and I could get a count.  So, Ms. Tamale, Cowboy Boot Study #1:

And, I got the mantle decorated today.  I'm really not in the decorating mood this year.  Thanks, Depression.


  1. Posting the boot photos will be like opening an advent calendar everyday! Wonder if we will get to Christmas or beyond? You should out the boots on when you get them out- even if you don't photograph them that way. It'll lift the mood! I hope they share the photos with Bongo. :) And btw- awesome mantle! It's a merry FU do depression! Score one for the Knitter!

  2. Your mantle looks nice!! I wish I had a mantle. ;)
    Looking forward to the parade of boots!!

  3. I love those boots! I have some fingerless gloves that would coordinate perfectly ;-)

    Your mantle is lovely and festive. Perhaps a bit of decorating every day will help the depression? Hard to say, really, until you try it. {{{hugs}}}

  4. How about a bit of history with each pair? When you got them, why you got them, how you got them?


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