TIS is On

Due to much-appreciated cooperation, I have already made, and e-mailed, the partners for this swap!  Well, almost all.  I'm still lacking addresses from a couple of people, but as soon as they come in, everyone gets to start having fun.

When I was thinking about using initials as one of the gift prompts, I wondered for a while what anyone would do with mine.  "D" would be easy, but what about "K"?  It finally dawned on me that "knitting" starts with "k," so maybe it wouldn't be so hard after all.  Then the first half-dozen people to sign up all had first names starting with "K"!


It would seem that, early this morning, there was a tornado warning here.  I did not hear the notification sound on my phone, nor did I hear the siren.  Slept right through it all.  While my son and his cat were huddled in the bathroom of his apartment!


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