One of Those Times When Life is Hard

We had a rough afternoon here yesterday.  Daughter and her roommate had to put one of their cats down.  He had been given to them by a friend only a few months ago.  I took them to the vet's office and waited.  Neither of them had ever actually been witness to a euthanizing;  my daughter was surprised, and relieved to see/know that the process was so peaceful.

So, Jack's not sick anymore, but there are two girls in town with pretty heavy hearts.

And it's the kind of hurting that a parent can't help with much.


  1. God bless Jack, and them. But it still sucks.

  2. So sorry to hear, and I hope they know it is the ultimate loving act.

  3. I'm so sorry. Those furry beasts worm their way into our hearts.

  4. Aw. That's never easy. So sorry that the girls have to go through that.


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