Your Top Seeds

Seeding for Knitters' Chick and Knitters' Hunk is based on previous years' results.  Additional seeds occur when someone gets multiple nominations.  There will most likely be more than these, but the First through Fourth seeds for this year are:

1.  Isabella Rossellini  

2.  Maggie Smith

3.  Jamie Lee Curtis

4.  Meryl Streep


1.  Ewan McGregor

2.  Liam Neeson

3.  Sam Neill

4.  Alan Rickman

None of these people needs to be nominated --- they all go into the contest automatically.  Don't forget, the names of the other folks that you do want to nominate can start rolling in this Sunday.  We here at Hunk/Chick HQ are getting ready!!!


  1. OH dang it. NO one is going to know my favorite HUNK this year…..He won't get multiple nominations..unless I fix the nominations…or by some wild chance someone knows him!! haha. :) I have others to nominate

  2. Yay!! Chick & Hunk time! It's one of the most wonderful times of the year. :)

  3. I'm going hunk-hunting this weekend...


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