We've Got What We've Got

Nominations closed last night, and we have nearly 50 contestants in both the Hunk and the Chick tournaments.  My aim is to have the brackets filled out by tomorrow, with voting starting on Tuesday (the 19th).  I'm still having trouble finding a good poll-making site, so I want to give myself an opportunity to continue to shop around.

THANK YOU to all who nominated.  Pay particular attention each Wednesday, as that's the day each week that the "mini-prize" winners will be chosen.

("Barbie, why are there penguins?  I'm obviously dressed for summer;  even holding a cool refreshing beverage."  "Ken, the tougher question is how someone who is perfectly smooth can still manage to have camel toe.")


  1. I just could not come up with anyone that had not already been nominated this year! Which likely means that in the next week, I'll suddenly have all kinds of great ideas ... ;-)

  2. Bridget I know that feeling! At least it means we all have excellent taste since we nominate the same hunks!
    Can't wait for the brackets!

  3. i should have nominated Barbie

  4. I should have nominated women... ah well.

  5. Photo caption made me snort my coffee!


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