In the Mood

(The title of one of my all-time favorite songs, by the way.  Go ahead --- look it up and have it playing while you read.  I've got it playing while I type. . .) 

These past couple of days, I've been in the mood to knit with sock yarn.  All that cotton finally caught up with me, I guess.

Like most knitters (assuming), I have lots of sock yarn leftovers.  Which works for what I've got going on now --- making cat toys.  They don't have to be anywhere near as big as dog toys do, nor as hard-wearing, so small yardages work beautifully.  I'm making hexipuff-shaped toys, called "Kitty Corners,"  triangles called "Catjibs,"  and I've altered the pattern for a Barbie ski hat into a cat toy.  All of them are stuffed with polyfil and catnip, and even harder to keep away from my animals than the dog toys ever were.  The cats catch the scent of the catnip as soon as I opened the cannister of it, and are on me before I know it.  Each toy has to be put up and away immediately --- I've lost 3 by finishing them and leaving them in the room while I get a drink, or to go to the bathroom.

Live and learn.

Speaking of:


  1. AOhhhhhh WOol and catnip…..such a joy to my kitties. I only knitted them ONe cat toy. I should make some…..

    Words: cacophony

  2. far side of fifty talked of
    Hoary Pucoons today. They are a wildflower. I LOVe that name

  3. My cats read your post and are now alternately staring at me and the plastic crate of sock yarn leftovers. You may have created a monster.

    (Where do you buy your catnip? They want The Good Stuff.)


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