Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Quite by accident today, I came across the first thing I ever knit.
Now, my mother got all fancy and put grosgrain ribbon down the inside fronts and made buttonholes.  But a mustardy-olive-y vest with seed stitch (which I have come to dislike doing) accents was my first completed project.

Most people, I guess, start with scarves or dishcloths,  Neither my mother, nor my aunts, nor my grandmother (all the knitters I grew up with) ever made dishcloths, strangely enough.  When I gave Mama some washcloths, she was amazed at how sturdy they were and how she could scrub with them.

When Hannah learned how to knit, her first project was a stuffed animal.  No fear, that one.

Still consumed with the World Cup.  Still knitting away to it.  Sick and tired of a Bacardi commercial that is being run and run and run and run and run.  I used to kind of like rum.  Not so much anymore.


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