So Close

If this were a past year, I'd be in Atlanta this weekend, at Stitches South.  Somehow, the date completely slipped up on me this time, so it's Athens for me.  I could go up tomorrow just for the market, but there's plenty of yarn here and there's no shopping/knitting/eating/fashion partner there.   If you ever have a chance to go to a Stitches event, I highly recommend it.  Especially if you have a good friend to share it with.

As for the announcement mentioned here the other day, I could probably go ahead and make it, but I want to be sure all the ducks are in row before I say anything.  I will drop the very fuzzy clue that yesterday at Michaels, 25 balls of Sugar 'n' Cream yarn were purchased.  (And, thankfully --- and pleasantly surprisingly --- they were on sale.)

It's going to be a weekend of needlework and watching golf* for me. You?

*By "golf," I mean mostly
Adam Scott.


  1. I know one of my nominations for knitters hunk now.


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