Absence of Color

19.  White
When I was teaching, my favorite chapter was the one on socialization --- explaining how the groups to which we belong impact who we are.  The process extends into the form our individual personalities take (though how deeply it reaches is the source of much debate.)

During that chapter, I would give my students personality tests, some serious, others not so much.  One that was always a favorite involved imagining colors, and writing down three words describing how you feel when you do.  One of the colors was "white."

Go on --- you can think of three words if you'd like.  Mine are always along the lines of "still," peaceful," "beautiful," "calming."

Now, if you'd like to know what your three words indicate about you, you'll have to tune in tomorrow.  I will do my dead-level best to have an entry, but, be forewarned, I'm meeting Scott Wilson and Andrew Lincoln tomorrow, as well as stealing glances at other "Walking Dead" cast members, so I can't pinky-swear to anything.


  1. Peaceful, expanse, crisp.

    Also, what book are you talking about? I'm working on a project on teens and communication/peer pressure, sounds like it would be a great resource.

  2. Amy, it's any standard Introduction to Sociology textbook. I'm sure you can find something online about socialization, though, without one.

  3. Ah, OK. There's lots online, I was just trying to find something a bit more academic. Thanks!

  4. ugh oh I think: Sterile, Clean, and lacking....

  5. Still. Cold. (Now I am blanking.)


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