After Math

While my fears that the nations was going to be passed into cold, profit-seeking, non-caring hands have been allayed, I realize that some people are horrified at Tuesday's outcome.  I am sorry there are such bitter, inflammatory differences in this country.  We should always have, maybe even make, room for disagreement.  But more and more, it seems that what were once parlor discussions, or real debates are becoming terrorist, murderous plots against those who may only disagree with us on whether a school tax should be raised 3 cents.

Politics have always mattered.  I've been so proud of my children (one of whom was voting for the first time) this year, paying attention, asking questions, offering well-considered opinions (even if I heartily disagreed with them.)  Politics is the place for putting all the ideas out on the table and seeing what we can come up with that suits us all.

Mine, I guess, is the generation that began to doubt politics and politicians.  We grew up during Vietnam, we witnessed and understood Watergate.  Our ideas about how leaders act and that honesty should always be part of the discussion were just crushed underfoot.  I doubt that any of us look at anyone running for office without that pre-planted crook/scoundrel/special interest/greedy/selfish alarm going off in our heads.

So here's to days when "politics" and "politicians" aren't dripping with negativity, but are, once again, part of the hope and the way of the country.


  1. We have to hope don't we ??

    How are you feeling today dear one?


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