Edited to add: The results of these contests have been removed on purpose.  In case anyone wasn't keeping up with these races today, the Finalists will be a surprise on Monday!  Have a great weekend!

Alright, folks.  Gut check time.  Down to the last four contestants in both Knitters' Chick and Knitters' Hunk.  Today's winners will vie for the titles come Monday.  And, the winners of the nominators' prizes will be announced!  Vote your heart and your knitterly intuition. . .

Pair Ninety-One

Pair Ninety-Two

Pair Ninety-Three

Pair Ninety-Four


  1. this is more than i can bear!!! i am on pins and "needles" over this!!! please please vote Liam- he is so dreamy and soulful and has such a great frame to knit for! he is made for sweaters!!! this has been a ton of fun- again- thank you KIM!!!! you are the best for doing this every year- it is so much fun!!!


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