It's All But Ideal

For a lot of years, when I've thought of my perfect place, it has been a small, beachside house where I could throw open the windows to let the breeze and the sound of the water in.  I'd sit near the window and read or knit or write, I'd have a big, plushy, comfortable bed for naps, and a cute little kitchen to keep the Dr. Pepper cold.

Save for the kitchen, and the additional din of hotel guests at the pool just below my balcony, this is my ideal.  I want this.  I have to do all I can to save money to make this happen.  I am so relaxed and calm and content.

The hotel.

Generic seagulls.

Generic barnacles.

A freakin' pigeon?

Scarf crocheted in under an hour with Berocco Ric-Rac yarn.  Easy, easy, easy.
I see these colors with jeans and turquoise jewelry. . .


  1. OH good good good for YOU! !Vacations can be very healing!

  2. It reminds me of a whelk egg case that you find on the beach:


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