Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cold Shoulders

There were 589 stitches!  They were the beginning of this:
It's the Superior Waves Shawl from Willow Yarns.  This is one of the kits Kathy was asking about the other day.

Speaking of which, here are this week's questions:
Sure sign of Springs: bugs.  Has anything bitten you yet?
No, though the carpenter bees are back flying around the bench on the front porch.
Do you knit for practice?  I don't mean for gauge;  for a stitch pattern?
If I have, I don't remember.
Have you tried One Touch Latte for your coffee?
Not a coffee drinker.
Have you seen or tried Persi laundry detergent?
I'd never heard of it 'til now.
When was the last time you wore one of your own handknits?
Over the weekend --- some socks made from Noro.

If the waves shawl weren't keeping me busy enough, I'm also working on 28's Cousin 53.  I'm making it out of yarn that will turn purple when I wear it in the sun.
What will they think of next?


  1. Just added 28's Cousin 53 to my queue. Thanks!

  2. Wow you are moving right along with big projects!

    We have carpenter bees who hang around near our deck, and have a bee house for them. There is one in particular that seems to really like being close to us, and we have named him Buzzbee. (OK, I know it's not always the same one, especially from year to year, but it pleases us to pretend it is.)

  3. Your shawl is beautiful and that yarn that changes color in the sun - so cool!

  4. Thanks for playing Q and A. I Love that the yarn will change colors. DO you wear a mood ring at the same time! LOL


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