Have you ever caroled?  My Girl Scout troop did one year;  I seem to recall the people whose houses we visited not being particularly amused by us being there.  But we all got some sort of Community Service badge or something. . .

The first time I heard this, it instantly became a Favorite Christmas Song:
In fact, I listen to it throughout the year.  I'm a rebel like that.

My Favorite Christmas Song (Traditional) is "O Holy Night."  My Favorite Christmas Song (Non-Traditional) is "Please Come Home for Christmas."



  1. I have not only caroled, but I caroled in Spanish with Spanish Club in high school. We were raising money for a village in Mexico.

    My favorite song is "O Come O Come Emanuel" (which is technically not a Christmas song in some people's books) and the Holly and the Ivy. I concur with you on "Please Come Home for Christmas" with "Tender Tennessee Christma" coming in a close second.

  2. I have too many favorites: Still still still, Baby its cold outside, Twelve Days of Christmas by the Muppets


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