Anything But

Substitute "blocking" for "Christmas" in this song, and my issue is perfectly stated.  This very moment, I have 3 scarves and 2 sweaters that are all finished except for being blocked.  Not that the weather necessitates finishing them quickly, but still. . .  I'm sure there's one part of the whole knitting process that everyone dislikes.  My mother hated putting things together.  My albatross is blocking.

What's yours?


  1. I hate sewing things together. Because of this I will never EVER make amurigami or whatever those putzy things are called. Learning how to knit top-down set-in sleeves opened up new horizons for me (although I have yet to make a second sweater using the technique).

  2. Blocking. I have a pile of things that need to be blocked. The woman who used to contract with the LYS used to do it at a very, very reasonable cost; she stopped doing it at all last year. Thus, the pile.

  3. I hate the sewing things together. I'm OK with blocking but I"m just not good at it.
    ps. count me in for the scarf.

  4. Picking up dropped garter stitches. I just don't get it.....


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