"Mom! She's Copying Me!"

A while ago, I said I was following my twin by taking up a project she had already finished. Well, here is my version (so far) of Wingspan:

This is hers:

It's a fun, very easy knit --- I'd love to make several, but am afraid to have too many of something so unique, you know?


  1. Yours is gorgeous!

    And yes, it is very fun. Next you should do Color Affection. It's fun too. I have a bunch of garter stitch scarves in my queue.

  2. HOw much concentration does it take....Im so tempted

  3. Kathy --- Once you get the first triangle done, it's almost unbearable easy. And fun. It was one of those projects that I hated to put down, and was always so glad to pick back up again.

  4. Okay I just downloaded the pattern from Ravelry! Thanks

  5. I just started one a few days ago. It's a devastatingly boring knit, and I can't seem to put it down. I wonder what that says about me...


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