Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Back To It

After many, many, many weeks of not being able to polish my nails. . .  TA-DA!
I won't wear polish until all my nails are "long enough."  Vain, and silly, I know.

The mitten there is one of a pair I made with every intention of putting them in my etsy shop.  However, they turned out really nice, and I decided to keep them for myself.  Greedy, I know.  They're made from 100% Icelandic wool, and are pretty scratchy, and may be too thick for much wear here in the sunny South, but I like them.

Something else that's re-entered my life is a bite plate / dental guard thingy.  Over the years, I've had all sorts of devices to treat my TMJ and severe teeth-grinding.  I've had custom-made ones, ones made out of just about any possible material.  I've bitten through every single one.  Tons of money down the drain, I know.  It eventually dawned on me that a plastic mouthguard like football players and boxers wear would probably do the trick, and I started buying them at sporting goods stores for, maybe, 99 cents each.

For some reason, I decided a while back that the guard wasn't necessary.  Jaw, tooth and headache pains followed, and back to Academy Sports and Outdoors I went.  There was never a "break-in" period for the guards with me;  from the first night, I had no problem at all sleeping with them. I'll see if the assorted pains ease now. Optimistic, I know.


  1. That's good info Kim!! I woke myself up choking on the damn thing and never used it again. I am having some intermittent BRIEF jaw pain in the area of my extraction. Friday is amonth. I LOVE your nails and have the itch to get mine done. But the barn is really dirty work and the frigid temps mean they break off. I may do acrylics before we take a little vacation. I enjoy INSTANT nails once or twice a year. But YOUR mitten and nails look awesome. !

  2. I have the same attitude toward my nails. They only grow long enough to polish when the humidity is at an acceptable level, which means only from about July -- late June, if I am lucky and the weather cooperates -- to sometime in September. Then, one by one, they chip and break.


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