Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Again With the "V"s

 Vicki has inspired me to cast on the Woman Must Make Her Own Arrows wrap.  I dove into my sock yarns to come up with some color combinations, 'cause you always have lots more sock yarn than any other weight and you didn't buy all of it for socks.  (As in, some you bought just because it was pretty.)

I came up with 6 sets of colors.  One is ten balls of baby yarn I've had forever, which matched with one hank of knitologie.  They will be my first attempt at the wrap, to see if I like the pattern, and so that I can experiment a little without using up a lot of my single hanks.


  1. Vicki inspired me, too, but I am trying hard not to cast on. Gonna use the Shibui laceweight that confounded me in another project plus the Shibui leftovers from a different one.

  2. I really loved knitting that project, and I can't believe it didn't eat up more yarn (as I'd hoped)!! Looking forward to seeing how yours progresses. Knit them dang arrows!!

  3. I'm planning to knit this amazing shawl too! Trying to hold out for January 1st, but I might not be able to wait - LOL


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