Friday, September 8, 2017

Splitting Pairs

You'll notice that the number of choices you have to make today is a little odd.  These are the last of the Round One match-ups for KC.  Tomorrow, you'll see the last of KH Round One, and I just tried to split things up a little.

Also, if you haven't seen one (or more) of your nominees yet, don't panic.  Lots of people got first round byes.

Yesterday's victors:
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Emma Thompson
Emma Watson 
Daniel Craig
Idris Elba   
Jerome Flynn
Jon Hamm

Yesterday gave us our first tie.  We will, then, revisit Bonnie Raitt & Julia Roberts tomorrow. 


  1. This one was tough. Do I vote for someone I nominated or who they're matched up against. Decisions, Decisions...

  2. I almost didnt check my blogs today. So much stuff going on. then BAM!!!!! Kathy B you need to VOTE! Thank you for the fun respite from the weather world of torture


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