Monday, September 25, 2017


Looking back on this year's Knitters' Hunk and Knitters' Chick contests:

There were more contestants I didn't know this year than ever before.

The fields were varied and very interesting, I thought.  

What did men's suits do before Colin Firth came along to wear them?

All photos of Judi Dench are remarkable;  they show so much character.  I found myself just looking at them longer than was technically needed, because they enchanted me so.

In many of the photos I went through, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Heughan liked a lot alike.

More portraits need to be black and white.  Well, all portraits need to be in black and white, but that's just me.

Very big thanks to Twinnie for allowing Calypso/Bomber to be our mascot.
(By the way, good job on the halter lesson C/B!)

If you'll remember, I said that I had a post-contest announcement to make.  That's still true;  stay tuned!


While They Play Football a Couple of Miles Away. . .

It's two sticks and a piece of string.  You have to stop and realize that occasionally.  And this is a simple slipped-stitch border. ...