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Have you settled on your nominees for KH and KC this year?  You needn't tell me who they are*, but if you'd like a chance to win this week's Countdown prize, simply leave an answer here, or in any post, before Midnight Friday.
That's Sock Yarn Shawls from KnitPicks,
Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn in Como Blue,
and ten teal-bead stitch markers.

*Although Kathy asked an interesting question about men with long hair. . .😉


  1. I have two definite noms--one is someone I nominate every year and one, I believe, you will nominate. The third will be someone royal but can't figure out exactly who yet.

  2. I was surprised to see how many women who we are blog pals with, like long haired men! So I have to make that my potential theme this year! Is this cheating?

  3. This is my first year participating!! (Thanks to Kathy B who directed me to your blog:)) I need to think about this

  4. I have a couple picked, but I'm not sure about all of them. I typically wait until the last minute, mostly because I'm a procrastinator.


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