Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brass Tacks

Vera --- you win this week!  The plan was to have the prize out in today's mail, but I missed the run.  First of the week for sure.

There are two more weeks before I start accepting KH and KC nominations.  I'll take them Tuesday through Friday, August 29th, 30th, and 31st.  Voting will start the day after Labor Day --- September 5th.

These lists will be posted again, but for those of you trying to figure out your nominees, know that you do not have to nominate these men
Ewan McGregor
Viggo Mortensen
Sam Elliott
Liam Neeson
or these women
Helen Mirren
Tina Fey
Maggie Smith
Isabella Rossellini.
They will all go into the draws automatically, as past winners.

And speaking of winning
these boxes are being filled with prizes for the winning KH and KC nominators and the nominators of the runners-up.  It's sort of like filling stockings at Christmas, except these boxes don't hang from the mantel so good.


  1. So I need to nominate Mike Rowe?

  2. Yikes!! I just saw that I won. Woo-Hoo and Thanks!!


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