Saturday, July 15, 2017

I'm Up, I'm Up

This is the first day of the week that I haven't had somewhere to be, or something to do, at a very specific time, so sleeping late today was my reward and celebration.

The Random Number Generator is still doing right by everyone;  no repeat winners yet.  This week, Twinnie Kim emerges victorious.  (See how I used orange ink there, Twinster?  Aren't you proud?  And that my gif is a duck?)

I believe I've covered all my bases with Professor Kim.  I hope all of you continue to play along.  New stuff Monday!


  1. Can't see your gif; just a big blank square.

  2. Hooray for KIM!!! You are the prize giving warrior. My goodness ,you are so generous Kim. I cant see the gif either tho :( No worries. Im having fun imagining what it is: Im guessing it is a video of someone getting up in bed and having a good long stretch to wake the day


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