Saturday, June 10, 2017

Winning Girl

VERA!  You will be getting this week's countdown prize.  If you send me your address, that is.  😄  Send it to handeyecrafts*at*hotmail*dot*com, and your mailbox will soon have a visitor.

You should probably know that Vera's answer was "Napping Girl," which also fits me.  Since socks sort of started this whole thing, I tried to imagine what a pair with each of your answers might look.  

Camille's "Baking Girl" is a girl with oven mitts on pulling cupcakes out of an oven.

Kathy's "Nature Girl," as per her answer, would be a girl with an owl.

Grace's "Sipping Tea Girl" is a girl in a comfy chair by a window, teacup in hand.

Bridget's "Laughing Girl" is a girl with her head thrown back in sheer delight.

Twinnie's "Alpaca Castrating Girl" is. . .

um. . .

well. . .

There's a girl. . .

and, uh . . .

Boy, we all congratulate Vera on her big win, don't we?


  1. Hilarious! And yes, Congrats to VERA!!

  2. Hysterical. Needed a good laugh! Hooray for sweet Vera!

  3. I can't see the photo- boo... But now I want cupcakes!

  4. oh where the mind can go........................ congrats Vera!

  5. I just saw this! OMG - so funny. And, Thank You!!! I'm off to e-mail you my snail mail address.


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