One Of The Girls

There is a line of socks called "The Girls," featuring designs like "Shopping Girl" and "Quilting Girl," and, of course,
She is part of this week's Countdown Prize.

Socks, a little journal for notes and such, and a set of finishing/darning needles.  They could all be yours if you answer this question by Friday:

What "Girl" would a pair of socks made specifically for you be?

Mine would be "Napping Girl," or maybe "Watching Sports Girl."

The winner will be announced on Saturday. . .


  1. Yours would be cowgirl. Or at least cowgirl boots wearing girl... Mine would be baking girl. Or snacking girl. Or traveling girl. Or work(s) in progress girl.

  2. Nature girl would be mine. With a image of a owl on it .

  3. sipping tea girl! I always have tea near by!

  4. There are lots of girls I would be, but probably "Laughing Girl" would win out.

  5. Mine would be dog walking girl. Or alpaca birthing girl. Or alpaca castration girl. Yes, let us go with that last one since I am able to castrate an alpaca on my own!


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