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"Moana" is as gorgeous a movie as I have ever seen.  Hannah invited me over to watch it at her place, mother/daughter time.  I met Lemon.  Well, I saw her a couple of times before she got put into Time Out for misbehaving.  She wouldn't have had a lot of room to visit with me anyway:

I've been a Burt's Bees fan for a long time, but had never tried this

until this week.  It's wonderful, especially on your feet.  They stay cool and drier than normal.  It's difficult to describe how the cream-to-powder feels;  it doesn't turn into a true powder, but your skin has the silky, smooth feel of having powder on it.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  BB peppermint foot lotion and tomato skin toner are also products I don't like to be without.  Unfortunately, the toner is impossible to find anywhere but online.

I went through a box of my parents' photographs and came across these pictures of the animals in my life as I grew up.
In the middle is Lupo, our boxer.  He looks much more pit bull-like in the picture than I remember.  He died when I was in third grade;  Daddy came into my room on the morning he died to tell me.  It was only the second time I had seen my father cry.  (The first time was at President Eisenhower's funeral.)

We got Country (on the right) a few months after Lupe died.  She stayed with us until I was well into college.  She was still alive when Dale and I started dating, seriously enough that once when came to the house he brought his dog, Shanghai.

On the left is Star, my pony.  I got her when I was 8, maybe?  The photo has a date of October '69 on it, and she is in foal with the little guy I'd name James West.

If you cook your oatmeal with chocolate almond milk, you can have guiltless breakfast chocolate.


  1. Kim!!!! Love the hairless kitty photo of you two! ALso I have been looking for a cream to powder for years!!! I used to use one from Bath and body and they stopped making it. Im off to get some Burts bees thanks to yoU!

  2. The cream to powder is going onto my "need to try ASAP" list. Thanks! Had never heard of it. Jealous that you had a pony growing up!!

  3. Thanks for posting the picture of you and the Hairless One -- now I have a face (sort of) to go with your name :-)


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