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Time for April's reviews!

First up, Fancy Feast.
Granted, this wasn't as much a here's-something-new-for-us-to-try as some of the choice in the past.  Still, Erin, my oldest cat, has been a little finicky lately where canned food is concerned.  Madeleine, with diabetes, has to have special food, and Riley is content with her dry food.  I figured, if Erin didn't like these, at least there wouldn't be the waste involved with larger cans.

She devoured the Turkey and Giblets flavor.  Cleaned her plate!  She's neither here nor there on the Chicken and the Beef, but I certainly know what Fancy Feast flavor to get her from now on.

Second, because Riley has stopped using the main litter boxes, I asked for 
Honestly, I didn't notice that it was "Hawaiian Aloha" scented.

Long story short, the litter made no difference.  Maddie and Erin were fine trying it out, but Riley isn't sold.  I think she may use the new box when I'm sleeping, though.  We'll keep trying to solve the riddle that is that one.

Again, I am able to request products from each month to test in-home.  They are sent to me free, and I am to deliver honest reviews of our experiences.  No money changes hands at all.


  1. I wanted the toy this month and it was GONE as soon as I asked. So we skipped this month. BUT my cats love love love FancyFeast chicken turkey and fish varieties. I think I've told you they dont handle beef well. My sister the Vet is coming tomorrow! From Minnesota. She has never met Fezzik! She's excited < so am I!

  2. Our kitties eat dry kibble for the majority of their food, but they share 1 can of Fancy Feast every night as a treat. Zoe loves it all, she will eat almost anything. She's the least picky cat I've ever lived with. Will goes through phases where he turns his nose up at the flaked varieties for a week, then all of a sudden decides he likes those but won't eat the pate kind. The flavors don't seem to make much of a difference, it's the texture that pisses him off for some unknown cat-brain reason.


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