Show and Tell

I've made one scarf and one shawl from this pattern lately.  It's so easy, and a surprisingly good way to use leftover skeins (if you don't have self-striping.)

This week's Kathy Questions:
What is your favorite warm weather yarn?
You know, I don't really have a favorite.  I knit whatever I'm in the mood for, whenever I'm in the mood for it.
Do you eat corned beef and cabbage?
As often as I possibly can. . .
How many pairs of sandals do you own?
I actually counted.  Five.
Do you miss the snow? (cause I'll send you some!)
Oh, if you only could send some. . .  I think about snow all year long.
How do you deal with humidity and your hair?
Humidity troubles all of my body except my hair!


  1. Pretty pretty finish on the shawl. Im in the mood for wool and that's just because my mind and knits have been cotten blends since Feb.

  2. Guess who was invited to give a talk at Vandy? ANCHOR DOWN!


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