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Bojangles has delicious, delicious macaroni and cheese.

There is nothing more fun in knitting than turning a heel.  Especially when the turn lines up like these
This is the same yarn I used to make the arm warmers a while back.  For some reason, the shimmery gold threads aren't showing up in these photos.

When I look to my right at any given moment, this is what I see:

A post I made on Facebook had one knitter saying, and a couple of others agreeing, that we should "just declare Justin Trudeau 'Knitters' Hunk' and get it over with."
I can't say that's a bad call.


  1. Another vote for JT. And the twinnie thing is NOT working for Mac and Cheese--never ate it as a kid, hate it as a grown up. In my advertising working life, I worked on Kraft Mac and Cheese AND velveeta shells and cheese and had to kind of gag every few days.

  2. Even if others disagree, why don't you make him Honorary Knitters' Hunk? You know, like when schools confer honorary degrees? that would work too.

    Now I really want some macaroni and cheese ...


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