So That Happened

The Knitalong shawl that I color-teased you with before is finished and blocked:
Unless you enjoy sticking dozens of pins into things, don't ever put a picot edge on anything.  I am loathe to block things, but this just had to be done.  The colors look much better than they did as I was working with them.  The pattern called for beads to be placed along the edging;  that seemed a little too gilding-the-lily to me.  There's enough going on with the colors and the patterns as it is.

Darling Hugh won a Golden Globe for "The Night Manager," and his acceptance killed (as almost anything he says is wont to do):

The benevolent kmkat sent a box chock-full of squares for Blankapalooza.
Thank you again and again, Kathryn!  There has been some seaming going on, I promise you, but not enough --- or, at least, not enough that I'm satisfied with --- to show here just yet.  Pictures will come, though.  Rest assured.


  1. Now that is a shawl that could brighten any day by wearing it!

    Looks like you have your seaming work cut out for you. :-)

  2. Your shawl is gorgeous! Perfect to brighten up a winter's day. I know blocking a picot edge is a PITA, but the result is so worth it.

  3. Bravo my friend Kim . You have been busy! What a fabulous shawl. I was wondering what you were up to! How nice of Kathryn to send such a bag of goodies. While I was crocheting the seams of a hat (inside the hat) I was really admiring the crochet join. Hmmm??? Do you crochet seams?


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