Answers, Driven By A Fever-free Brain

*What fear have you conquered?  Growing up, I was horrified by slugs.  They still aren't my favorite, but I no longer shriek when I see them.
*What’s your favorite spicy  food?  Hot and Sour Soup.
*What’s a color you never wear?  Orange.
*When sock knitters want a bigger needle project, what do you knit?  Scarves or slippers with bulky weight yarn.
*When did you last read Shakespeare?  It's been forever since I read a complete play.  Oddly enough, though, I had to look up some passages from "Othello" this weekend.
*Are you gregarious or solitary? Very solitary.
*What’s your favorite cookie recipe and why?  My mother's chocolate chip.  I don't use the chips, and get wonderful sugar cookies.
*Do you dip your PB and J in milk?  I've never heard of that!  Of course, I hadn't heard of grilled PBJ either until a little while back, and now I make it rather frequently.
*Do you feel you are becoming a better knitter or have your skills leveled off?  I think I've leveled off.
*When’s the last time you broke a needle?  I don't remember, so it must have been a long time ago...


  1. Chocolate chip cookies without the chips! GENIUS. I always eat some batter before adding the chips!!!!

  2. Oh twinnie. Slugs are the fireflies of the PacNW.

  3. Oh slugs - yuck. Oh cookies - yum! I will need to try cookies that way.


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