Thank you all so much for your support and kind words regarding Lily.  Practically all of you, it seems, have pets, and know precisely what has been happening here.  Empathy helps you heal, I find.

When my son's cat --- his first "on his own" pet --- got so very sick last year, he could hardly bring himself to think about euthanasia.  Slowly, though, he began to understand that Buddy wasn't improving, and wasn't likely to improve, and that him not wanting to think about options was more about how he would feel than what Buddy would go through.  I told him that once the thought of having a pet put down crosses your mind, that's the indication that putting them down is probably the right thing to do.  Not at all the easy thing, but the right thing.

My house is pretty much all decorated for Christmas, save a tree.  I went out to get one this afternoon, but couldn't get to the lot because of a gas leak being repaired.  I have a new door decoration this year;  my Maid of Honor led me to an etsy shop, and, how could I not get this?
I just don't know what to call it.  It's made of wreath stuff, but isn't a wreath.  "Door decoration" is what I've been going with, but that sounds so bland.  Still, it's better than,
"Whatcha got on your door for Christmas, Kim?"
"A horse's head."


  1. You could call it equine door candy? Cute decoration, though.

  2. I LOVE that door wreath. I'll call it a wreath! I LOVE IT

  3. That is fabulous! What a cool idea, you should share the name of the shop so we can all take a gander. :-)

  4. Well, better on your door than in your bed...

    ::runs away before you can hit me::


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