Kathy has been knitting socks.  (Click through to see the prettiness.)  Isn't it peculiar how we sometimes only want to knit one type of thing?  For Kathy, it's been socks.  I've had streaks of nothing but washcloths, or cowls, or Barbie clothes.  Right now, I'm in the mood to make hats.  Too bad I've got a sweater and a scarf on my needles. . .

Who am I kidding?  Cast-on-itis is so common among knitters that none of us think twice about it.  So, hat patterns, here I come!


  1. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! ;-)

  2. Hats are second on my list of most useful knitted items. A close close second to socks!

  3. I just ordered yarn for 5 hats! I'm right there with you! And I still have a blanket, a shawl, and a necktie on the needles. Oh- and a cowl. And another blanket actually... Crap.

  4. I am desperately seeking my POM swap gifter! I received such lovely things- and in a gorgeous little sparkly green box! I'd love to thank my Gifter- but lost the return address I had saved in a special place so I wouldn't loose it... Any leads greatly appreciated!


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