Monday, December 26, 2016


Briton gave me the book, and Hannah the big purple mug + Ghirardelli caramel hot chocolate mix.  They were both perfect for a grey, misty Boxing Day.

There's also been knitting, naturally.  I've made four hats in the last 3 days.  I'm working on a layette for my cousin's son and daughter-and-law, whose first child is due February 3rd.  However, the little one had different plans, and was born yesterday!  So, I'm trying to pick up the pace a wee bit.  She's currently in NICU, so when she'll truly need them is up in the air.  

Bridget will be receiving a little giftie for participating in the "Twelve Days" question the other day.  "Five gold rings" seems to be the default choice.  For sheer poetry, "Seven swans a-swimming" is hard to beat.  The upkeep on the swans and their habitat, though, must be sizeable.


  1. OMG a prize!!! I am ridiculously excited about this, thank you!

  2. Hooray for Bridget!! We love Trevor Noah. I may have to get that book! A month early for a girl in NICU should be fine. Hard on family to have her in NICU, but they catch on quickly and are usually home a week or so before the due date now. How nice to knit the layette!

  3. I just got that book in audible form -- can't wait to listen to it. Just have to get through the 22 hours of Joe Hill's The Fireman first ;-)

  4. Also, with the 7 swans swimming, it makes me wonder... Is it 3 couples and a baby? Or 2 couples- one with twins, the other an only baby? Since swans mate for life, and chase their offspring away when it's time, I wonder. I think I'd feel better about the swans if I could confirm it isn't 3 couples and a loner than they are planning to chae away. Singletons get chased away too.


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