Deep Breath

Since Tuesday night, phrases and single words have been ricocheting around my brain.  They have come and gone without me being able to harness them and make sense.  There's no energy for the effort.  This feeling is one I've never had before.  My soul is sick.  I am afraid.  I am worried.  I am sad.  And while none of those descriptions are wrong, they aren't accurate, because a feeling like this has never swallowed me.  I'm missing an adequate vocabulary.

Do you know what I did as a way to slow my heartbeat that night, to sort of distract myself?  Sorted my yarn.  If there's anything that can soothe a knitter, it's going through yarn.  Feeling the textures, appreciating the dyemanship in the pretty colors, imagining what those strings can be looped into.  There were even some new hanks to admire:

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Gnome Acres.  They have good yarn and a true talent for naming colors.  Verdant Gryphon is the same.  In fact, I usually buy VG yarn based solely on the name.

Let's each turn to what comforts us right now.  Let's find peace within, and then seek to spread it without.


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