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Aside from sports and news, I am not a television watcher.  If I get wind of an interesting-sounding program, I'm not above bingeing.  Right now, "Person of Interest" is where it's at.  The premise of the show always intrigued me, and there are worse ways to spend 40+ minutes than watching the excellent acting of Michael Emerson, and looking at Jim Caviezel:

Between that, football, and the Ryder Cup, there was lots of quality TV/knitting time this weekend.  The windows open to a Fall day, football game on television, knitting --- that is definitely a Happy Place for me.

Kathy asks:
*Which did you last wear?
Flannel shirt or Sweatshirt?
Sweatshirt.  I haven't owned a flannel shirt since high school.

*Which chart is easier for you to read?
Fair isle or Cables?
I don't find any chart easy to read, which is why I avoid them like I avoid the plague-causing DPNs.

*Do you prefer a turtleneck or a cowl neck?
Turtleneck.  I can't ever get a cowl neck to lay right.  Plus, turtlenecks show jewelry off better, and are much easier to deal with if one wears a scarf.

*Have you been on a ghost walk?  Where?

*What is the bulk of your stash...
sock yarn? Worsted? Bulky?
I'm guessing sock, but I also have a lot of baby-weight.  Is that consider Fingering, or DK? 

*Have you tried acupuncture?
Would you?
I have, and it was amazing.

*Have you eaten Halloween candy yet this year?
No;  I don't do Halloween.

*Have you seen Christmas decorations yet?
Yes.  And it's wrong, wrong, wrong.

*What's your charity of choice to donate to ?

*You are at the apple orchard,
do you buy 
I'd look at the doughnuts first.  If there weren't any that I wanted, I go to cider.


  1. TOmorrow, Im eating a donut bite. Points or not. I want one bite of a deep fried cinnamon sugar donut. :)


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