Perhaps I say this every year.  If I don't, I should.  If I do, indulge me.

When KH and KC nominations start coming in, there are always nominees that make me do a little fist pump.  Impartiality is out the window for a few seconds, because one (or more) of you has chosen brilliantly.  You nominate people who make looking through photos almost sinfully easy.  You nominate people who are exceptional in so many ways that I wonder at your abilities to choose.  Thank you.

Then, some of you offer to donate items for the prize packages.  After nine (!) years of this, I should not be taken aback by your generosity, but I am.  Thank you.

Over on Facebook, I'll be changing my profile picture daily, featuring as many nominees as I can.  I'm picking these totally at random, so don't read anything into who's there and who's not.

(I'm sorry --- in the first year of this, I got hammered by someone who accused me of cheating, of rigging the results.  She was bitter and unrelenting.  Hence, my Caesar's wife stance every year since.  How things like that can hook into you and never let go. . .)

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yes.  As of right now, there are 32 entrants for Knitters' Chick, and 35 for Knitters' Hunk.  Nominations will be accepted until 11:59 PM (ET) tomorrow night.  Spread the word!!  Tell folks to nominate; the more, the merrier.  Truly!


  1. KH:
    John Oliver
    Sam Heughan
    Zach Giffin (Tiny House Nation)
    Tig Notaro
    Jane Goodall
    Caitriona Balfe

    Bam!!!! :)

    1. Man, why didn't I think of the Outlander duo?? Nice list!

    2. They are brilliant, and so it the knitwear! Glad you agree! Isn't this the best fun ever?! I love it!

  2. I'll donate prize items too- I'll get a box together this week and ship!

  3. I LOVE your annual contest. You put so much into it. THANKS KIM


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