Ninth Row

The brackets are really beginning to fill in now!  Someone asked why I don't show, or post, the brackets.  It's because you could see who was where, and maybe adjust your voting accordingly, silly geese!  Isn't it fun to have sort-of-surprises every day?  Like, in this round, many nominees are showing up for the first time.  No one's been forgotten, I promise.

These folks are now safely through to Round Three:
Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Full disclosure: Melissa McBride was my nominee)
Jon Hamm
Emma Watson
Idris Elba
Lupita Nyong'o
Andrew Lincoln

I'm beginning to get the prize packages together.  The nominators of the winning Hunk and Chick, plus the nominators of the runners-up in both contests, will be getting gobs of good stuff.  Some has been donated by very generous friends (you know who you are), and I thank them very, very much.

Okay --- next on our stage:


  1. May we all please remember Alexander Skarsgard holding a baby lamb. Thank you. Back to voting.

    1. If I could only find a photo of the other contestants holding lambs. . .

  2. Just keeps getting better. I have a package to send, just waiting for one little thing to add to it. :-)


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