Yesterday, a large plastic pouch was in my mailbox, from friend Grace.  Can you guess what was inside?

Three dozen squares for Blankapalooza!  

I honestly shouldn't be surprised by knitters' generosity at this point, but I was, and still am, knocked out.  All of the squares are mitered, which is a great look.  Here are some of my favorites:

Thank you, Grace, beyond all things my words can express.  I will try to do your contribution justice, and put all the squares in with everyone else's, to make blankets to keep someone warm.

Really, right?  Knitters are the greatest.

The Piret Scarf I told you about before?  I sent it off to Kelli, where it got a proper blocking, and is now appearing in a trunk show:
See it hanging there, on the right?  I've never done anything like that, so I'm kind of wowed by seeing it "out in the world."  Again, all thanks to Kelli, and to Teresa Ruch, who provided the yarn.

Teachers are awesome, too.

And nurses.   Nurses are great.

Librarians rock.

(Any group I'm leaving out?)


  1. Wow- that scarf! Stunner! And what a treasure trove of squares! You'll have a lot of work to do joining everything! It'll be fun to arrange them all as you wish.

  2. Aww How wonderful of Grace. Fireman are a great group. So are janitors

  3. I love mitered squares. What a lovely "haul." And if you knitted something in a trunk show, it's more than 'out in the world' it's out in the UNIVERSE! (Plus, it's lovely.)

  4. I am so glad they arrived safely this time, If time allows there will me more its so fast to whip up one or two!!!!


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