My Baby Girl

Yesterday was Hannah's birthday.  I offered her either lunch or make-up shopping.  Her choice was made quickly and resolutely.  

Hello, Ulta.  (I must say that we have a very new Sephora in town, but she said she could get "a lot more little stuff" at Ulta.)

I didn't wear a speck of make-up until deep into college, so I'm far behind the curve.  Hannah, with her artistic gifts and steady hands, is a natural --- and knowledgeable --- make-up pro.

We had fun, just walking around and around the store, seeing more with every pass.  At the end, we both had things we were happy with.  A short walk across the parking lot afterwards to get some frozen yogurt, and it was time to take her back to her place.

But first, a reminder of the day:
(Her lipstick was a Purchase of the Day.)


  1. You guys look great! I hope the rest of her day was as fun. xo

  2. Oh my GOd she's BEAUTIFUL. So are you! Sounds like a fun birthday

  3. Love her lipstick....and you both look lovely.

  4. Beautiful women!! Sounds like a fun day. ;)


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