Sorry, Chewy

As some of you know, we have been dealing, and are continuing to deal, with some very serious issues in our family.  Since this is a "public" space, and I am not the only person involved, I won't go into exactly what is happening, for the sake of privacy.  But blogging is likely to be sporadic for a bit.

Still, I have promised monthly reviews of products from, so, here we go for April:

This is Nature's Miracle Just for Cats Odor and Stain Remover.  For the very, very most part, my cats don't abandon their litter boxes.  But there have been accidents, and I wanted to see what this would do.  It is formulated for both floor and carpet, and I tried it on both.  It did a bang-up job of removing some spots on the kitchen floor: there was no sign of the "misses" when I was done.  On carpet, it worked very well on odor, but not so much the stain.  Fortunately, I'm talking about only a small spot on my hallway carpet, so the stain isn't that visible to others.  Out of 4 possibles (floor stain, floor odor, carpet stain, carpet odor), Nature's Miracle did quite well on 3.

Next was
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken dog food.  The packaging is the same as the rolls of sausage I've never in my life been able to successfully and neatly open, so I was a wee bit intimidated.  But it opened easily, and sliced well, and, as soon as its odor got into the house, cats came running.  Lily, especially, could not get enough.  Rupert, depending on his attitude of the day, sometimes wolfed (no packaging pun intended there) down pieces, other times refused them immediately.  Overall, then, as food for my dog, I don't think it would work.  As a treat for him, yes.  And for the cats, definitely.

Each month, allows me to choose pet products to try and then review.  I put the products to real life tests, and then provide descriptions of those experiences here.  There is no monetary exchange whatsoever.


  1. Many hugs to you . Trying times are certainly trying.
    I am really impressed that the ROLL of food was so easy to distribute. I think of them as a big mess. mmmmm, maybe we'll try it


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