*Face Palm*

I've started another hat for Harry's Hundred, using sock yarn.  Casting on, and working the very first rows, this caught my eye:
STOP one color, START the next.  Usually the colors sort of flow into one another, right?  Nope --- "We're tired of the navy.  Start another color immediately."

And might I say (this could easily have gone in yesterday's post) that ribbing with sock yarn on #3 needles is incredibly boring.  It was 2 x 2;  1 x 1 would have had me snapping the needles in half.  In fact, I didn't even make the ribbing as deep as it was supposed to be, because it was getting very trying.

This is my life.  I have been in this house for five straight days, because there has been no energy or reason to go out.
Today, I dragged myself to the shower, put on make-up (!) and headed out before there was time to think twice about it.  And my car wouldn't start.  


  1. I wish we lived closer...I could give you a reason to get out of the house. And then pick you up when your car won't start.

  2. I know there are experts on variegated yarns who can tell you when/why/how the colors change, pool, etc. but I don't get it. At all. But at least it's a hat and not a sweater - it won't last as long as it could, right?

    I think the only advantage I have over you in your situation is that I don't drive. So once I can actually get myself out of the house, I just start walking. Somewhere, anywhere, doesn't matter. I got myself cleaned up, dressed, out of the house. That's my accomplishment. Some days much more than others ...

  3. Working on Harry's hundred is a very good thing Kim. You are a dear and you deserve an emotional break.
    So sorry


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