Chewy Does It Again

My monthly samples from Chewy arrived yesterday.  Allow me to give you a guided tour.

I am determined to find a treat that Rupert will enjoy.  This might fill the bill, although a final and definitive decision has yet to be made.  Sometimes he'll take one, sometimes he won't.  A mood thing, I suppose.

These treats were unanimously approved of and consumed.
In all the years I've had cats, I've never had a treat that someone wouldn't eat.  Everyone went for these, except, of course, Madeleine, who can't go off her diabetes diet.  Seeing everyone else eating perplexes her;  she called a meeting to discuss it with me:
You make a compelling case, Sweets, but doctors' orders and all. . .

This was fun:
It's an "interactive" feeder, dispensing food as your cat plays with it.  You can adjust the amount of food dispensed, if you need to.

Erin and Riley worked on this.  It took them a few seconds to realize what was going on, but they got the hang of it, and swatted the ball back and forth between them.  Like the Snacky Mouse toy they got a while back, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the "hunt."

Thanks to Chewy for allowing me to test some of their products monthly.  I receive no compensation for my reviews.  The opinions are my own, and I describe only my pets' experiences with the items.


  1. We took the ball toy/treat dispenser too. I like to fill it at night so they can hunt and snack downstairs if they get hungry. Fez gets rough with the other cats when he is hungry...
    he is still growing. Fireman and I were shopping at a mall today and someone had a toy yorkie in her purse. Im sorry. I feel totally in love with it. How bad can a few teaspoons of pee in the house be ???? fireman maintained his NO WAY stance

  2. Chewy is the best. That's where we get all our pet food for Rosie. They sent me a hand-written christmas card. That is the best!!!


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